Last chance to score a room!

With our host hotel sold out, we were able to secure additional rooms right across the street (just like last year) a...

Hotel Chicago, our Market Days 2019 Host Hotel

We know you need somewhere glamorous, convenient and affordable to stay, right?  Somewhere that is easily accessible...

CircuitMOM brings two massive dance parties to Market Days weekend, tickets on sale March 29

The two-day Northalsted Market Days will feature back-to-back high-energy dance parties from CircuitMOM Productions, ...

Edwin Martinez, aka CircuitSON, helping Mom get things accomplished

Dog walking, landscaper, floral designer, drag queen in training are all part of Martinez’s job description. ...

CircuitMOM's 'Warriors' Market Days party at the Aragon Ballroom was legendary

Over 4,500 sweaty, sexy men and women took part in what might have been the largest Chicago gay dance party in 25 y...
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