Edwin Martinez

Edwin Martinez had just quit his healthcare job the week prior and CircuitMOM was assistant-less. CircuitMOM's alter-ego, Matthew Harvat, explained all the things he did and Martinez replied that he didn't know how to do any of them, but added that he's a quick learner.

Harvat liked the vibe he got from Martinez.

Martinez liked the vibe he got from Harvat.

So Harvat gave Martinez a one-week trial ...that was almost six years ago.

Martinez, 30, who lives in Uptown, is the event and production manager for E. Melone and CircuitMOM Productions – at least that's what his business card says.

In reality, he is Harvat's right-hand man, plus dog-walker, drag queen in training, landscaper, floral designer, cleaning lady, and probably a few more titles, too.

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