Market Days is almost here and we want you to be prepared to party! In order to maximize your CircuitMOM experience we need to share some VERY important information with you.

Let’s start with the great news! We are happy to announce that our venues have extended the hours of our parties to 4:00am on Friday, 5:00am on Saturday, and 4:00am on Sunday!

Now for the other news… Due to the rising concerns about the recent uptick in COVID cases, we are instating proof of vaccination in addition to COVID policies for our events for Market Days weekend (and for the foreseeable future).

These policies are listed in full on our FAQ

We know it’s not an ideal situation, but it’s what we have to do to keep people safe while still having fun, so please review these ASAP and prepare properly. Y’all have ample time to adhere to our requests.

CircuitFAM you have the opportunity to prove your vaccination before the events with our friends at...

The Men’s Room (now in their brand new location, 3343 N. Halsted St. right next to Sidetrack) will be offering a 15% discount starting Tuesday August 3rd to Sunday August 8th to anyone who shows proof of vaccination with a matching ID.

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CircuitPOD is a bi-monthly podcast where we talk about all things circuit party related and world wide circuit scene. Your host, the one and only CircuitMOM (aka Matthew Harvat) will touch base on music, history, production, costuming, performances, performers, promoters and DJ's from all over the world. Oh, and of course a little tea. We will bring in guests from the circuit world to give you all the information you didn't know you wanted. You've been to the parties, now you get to hear all the behind the scenes excitement and drama for the past, the present and even the future. Are you ready CircuitFAM?


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