Will there be coat check?

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Coat check is available at most of our events. Check the event details page for specifics.

Where is the Aragon Located?

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Aragon is located off the Lawrence Red Line, in The Uptown Neighborhood. North of the Market Days Festival.

Address : 1106 W Lawrence Ave, Chicago, IL 60640

Is there Parking at the Aragon?

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There is no parking at the Aragon other than meter street parking.

What is allowed in the Aragon?

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We follow venue rules please head to their website for most up to date information.

Aragon Rules

Where is the House Of Blues Located?

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The House Of Blues is located at 329 N. Dearborn Street, just north of Wacker Drive in the heart of downtown Chicago

What is allowed at the House Of Blues?

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We must follow House Of Blues rule and procedures. Please see their website for up to date information.

House Of Blues FAQ

Is there Parking?

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Ther House of Blues has valet parking. Price is set and based by them.

See all FAQ of the house of Blues here. FAQ


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All bathrooms during our events are gender neutral. All are welcome to any restroom.

Are the Venues ADA?

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Yes both the Aragon and House of Blues can accommodate ADA Individuals.


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For The Aragon:The Lawrence stop is currently under construction...

We recommend you use the Wilson Red/Purple Station a few blocks south of the venue if you plan on taking the CTA to and from the venue.

For House Of Blues:

The Red line Grand Avenue Stop is only two block north of the venue. Head south on State street towards the river and you are there!


Whats included with my admission?

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Your ticket allows entry to the event.

Will you be releasing anymore Saturday Mystic Jungle Tickets?

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Single Day Mystic Jungle Tickets are completely sold out on Ticketmaster and locally at the Mensroom.

Can I Upgrade my single day ticket to a 2day pass or 3day pass?

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2 day and 3 day passes are completely sold out on ticketmaster. There is no way to upgrade.

Where can I get tickets for Market Days?

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As of June 30th, we are completely sold out of everything on Ticketmaster.

However, you can still single day Champions and Drama: Zero Gravity tikets locally in Chicago at The Mensroom store located at 3343 N. Halsted St., Chicago, IL. 60657

Can I use a photo of my weekend pass for entry if I lose my paper ticket?

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No venues will not accept a picture of a ticket. Treat your ticket like cash. If you lose cash you can't pay with a picture.

We suggest you store it behind your cell phone case.

Can I return my tickets after the event?

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There are no refunds on ticket purchases, before or after the event. Chargebacks to contest this policy will be rebutted.

Can I purchase a ticket from a third party vendor or friend?

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Will there be tickets at the door?

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Tickets are not guaranteed to be offered at the door.

If any tickets are left for any party we will announce via our social media platforms the day of each perspective party.

Will the Men's Room Shop have my Ticketmaster tickets?

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NO! Please follow up with Ticketmaster customer service to retrieve your tickets.


Are you requiring proof of vaccination?

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You must show a completed proof of vaccination to receive your wristband.

Your last shot on your vaccination card must be dated 2 weeks after your second dose in a 2-dose series, such as the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines, or. 2 weeks after a single-dose vaccine, such as Johnson & Johnson's vaccine.

You can do this ahead of time starting Tuesday August 3rd at Men’s Room Chicago  located at 3343 N. Halsted St. (new location next to Sidetrack)

Hours: 11:00 AM - MIDNIGHT every day

The Men’s Room (now in their brand new location, 3343 N. Halsted St. right next to Sidetrack) they will be offering a 15% discount starting Tuesday August 3rd to Sunday August 8th to anyone attending our events and who shows proof of vaccination with a matching ID.

Why would I want to proof my vaccination ahead of time?

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You will be placed in an express entry line at the venues.

I am not covid vaccinated can I still attend?

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You do not need to be covid vaccinated to attend,

however you must show proof of negative covid result with at least 72hrs prior to an event.

Your test results and ID must have matching information.

The CDC strongly urges unvaccinated individuals to wear a mask.

Does my proof of vaccination get me in the events?

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No you must still have your ticket to enter any of our events.

I am from out of town. How can I prove my vaccination ?

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You can stop by the Mens Room Shop Booth during the actual Market Days Street Fest and get your proof of vaccination the 6th, 7th, and 8th of August.

I don't arrive in chicago until late night. Can I prove my vaccination at the door?

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Yes.However you can expect longer wait times to enter the parties.

Can my friend prove my vaccination for me?

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No. Each individual must provide their own vaccination or negative test result.


I bought a hard copy ticket. Can I sell it?

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Yes you can. Please note that tickets will only scan once per event. Please only buy from a trusted individual.

What’s your refund policy in case I can’t attend?

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Unfortunately, there are no refunds. In the case you cannot make it you can always resell your tickets through Ticketmaster's resale marketplace or sign up for event ticket insurance through Allianz

What is an acceptable form of vaccination proof?

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A picture of your vaccination card or a copy of your vaccination card will suffice. Your ID and Vaccination card must match.

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