Is there coat check?

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Both House of Blues and Aragon have coat check available. Prices may vary per venue.

Where is the Aragon Ballroom Located?

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The Aragon is Ballroom located off the Lawrence Red Line in the Uptown neighborhood of Chicago. North of the Market Days Festival.

Address : 1106 W Lawrence Ave, Chicago, IL 60640

*Please note the Lawrence Red Line is currently closed due to construction*

Is there Parking at the Aragon?

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There is no parking at the Aragon other than meter street parking.

What is allowed in the Aragon?

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We follow venue rules please head to their website for most up to date information.

Aragon Rules - navigate to "Plan Your Visit" after clicking the link

Where is the House Of Blues Located?

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The House Of Blues is located at 329 N. Dearborn Street, just north of Wacker Drive and the Chicago River in the heart of downtown Chicago.

What is allowed at the House Of Blues?

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We must follow House Of Blues rule and procedures. Please see their website for up to date information.

House Of Blues FAQ

Do the Aragon and House of Blues accept cash and card?

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The Aragon is now a cashless venue and will only accept cards for transactions (but your bartenders would still love cash tips).

The House of Blues accepts cash and card for transactions.

Is there parking at the House of Blues?

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The House of Blues has valet parking. Price is set by the venue. There are also a variety of parking garage options in the area.

See all FAQ of the house of Blues here: FAQ


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All bathrooms during our events are gender neutral. All are welcome to any restroom.

Are the Venues ADA compliant?

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Yes, both the Aragon and House of Blues can accommodate ADA Individuals.


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For The Aragon: The Lawrence stop is currently under construction...

We recommend you use the Wilson Red/Purple Station a few blocks south of the venue if you plan on taking the CTA to and from the venue.

For House Of Blues:

The Red line Grand Avenue Stop is only two block north of the venue. Head south on State street towards the river and you are there! If you cross the river heading south, you've gone too far.


The ticket I want is sold out. Will you be releasing more?

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So far for Market Days we have only released presale tickets. More tickets will be announced soon. Stay up-to-date on all ticket announcements by joining our email list and following us on Instagram and Facebook.

What's included with my admission?

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Your ticket allows entry to the event.

What type of tickets can I purchase for Market Days Weekend?

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Single Day

- Housegasm

- Spectacular Spectacular

- Drama: Wreck'd

Weekend Passes (GA & GA+)

- 2Day pass (Spectacular! Spectacular! & Drama: Wreck'd)

- 3Day pass ( Housegasm, Spectacular! Spectacular!, & Drama: Wreck'd)


- 2Day pass (Spectacular! Spectacular! & Drama: Wreck'd)

- 3Day pass (Housegasm, Spectacular! Spectacular!, & Drama: Wreck'd)

Can I upgrade my single day ticket to a 2Day pass or 3Day pass?

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There are currently no options to upgrade any ticket type.

Can I upgrade my GA or GA+ ticket?

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There are currently no options to upgrade any ticket type.

What is included with GA+?

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- Express entry into the venue

*Other perks may be announced at a later date.

What’s included with VIP?

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- Express entry

- Limited free water

- VIP lounges

- VIP snack bar

- Premier viewing areas

- CircuitMOM swag

-Free coat/clothes check

- Private VIP bathrooms (Aragon only)

Can I buy a 3Day VIP?

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Yes! For the first time ever we will be able to offer a limited amount of 3Day VIP passes.

Can I buy single event VIP Tickets?

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We do not have any individual event VIP tickets. Only 2Day and 3Day VIP.

I purchased a VIP ticket, but it doesn’t show I purchased VIP.

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When you pull up your ticket on the app it will say VIP, GA+, or GA.

Can I use a photo of my weekend pass for entry if I lose my paper ticket?

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No, venues will not accept a picture of a ticket. Treat your ticket like cash. If you lose cash you can't pay with a picture.

We suggest you store it behind your cell phone case.

Can I return my tickets after the event?

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There are no refunds on ticket purchases, before or after the event. Chargebacks to contest this policy will be rebutted.

Can I purchase a ticket from a third party vendor or friend?

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Will there be tickets at the door?

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Tickets are not guaranteed to be offered at the door.

If any tickets are left for any party we will announce via our social media platforms the day of each perspective party.

I'm having issues transferring my ticket. Who should I contact?

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If you have issues with or questions about the Ticketmaster resale marketplace, please reach out to Ticketmaster directly.

The Men's Room

What time does The Men's Room Shop open?

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When will tickets be available at Mens Room?

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Our friends at The Men’s Room Shop will have tickets available on April 7th

Can I buy tickets over the phone with Mens Room Shop?

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No, you can’t purchase tickets via phone with the Men’s Room Shop.

Will Men’s Room Sell VIP Tickets?

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No. VIP options are only available via Ticketmaster.

Will the Men's Room Shop have my Ticketmaster tickets?

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NO! Please follow up with Ticketmaster customer service to retrieve your tickets.

Do I need an ID to purchase Tickets?

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You do not. However our events are 21+ events and you will need to show a valid ID at the venues.

Can I purchase more than 1 ticket?

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Yes you can.

Can I upgrade my ticket at the Men's Room

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The Men's Room Shop cannot upgrade any tickets. Ticket upgrades are not possible.

What type of tickets can I buy at The Men's Room Shop?

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You can purchase the following:

- Single Day Housegasm

- Single Day Spectacular Spectacular

- Single Day Wreck'd

- 2Day pass (Spectacular! Spectacular! & Wreck'd)

-3Day pass (Housegasm, Spectacular! Spectacular!, & Wreck'd)


I purchased a 3Day pass from Men's Room. Why did I only receive one ticket?

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Ticketmaster is only providing us with a single ticket for those of you purchasing the full 3 day weekend. Please use this singular ticket for entrance to all 3 events. When you purchase your ticket from Men's Room you should have also received instructions on how to register your 3Day pass on Ticketmaster. If you have any issues registering your ticket, please contact Ticketmaster directly.


What are your covid policies?

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We are following all state and local protocols.


I bought a hard copy ticket. Can I sell it?

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Yes you can. Please note that tickets will only scan once per event. Please only buy from a trusted individual.

What’s your refund policy in case I can’t attend?

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Unfortunately, there are no refunds. In the case you cannot make it you can always resell your tickets through Ticketmaster's resale marketplace or sign up for event ticket insurance through Allianz when you originally purchase your electronic ticket. If you have issues with or questions about the Ticketmaster resale marketplace, please reach out to Ticketmaster directly.

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