Market Days 2019: New and Improved!

CircuitFANS – you spoke and the CircuitMOM Team listened. For Market Days 2019 we will once again be dancing and celebrating together in the historic Aragon Ballroom, but this year there are exciting new improvements to the venue and our events based on your feedback from last year!

First off, RESTROOMS RESTROOMS RESTROOMS. The renovations to the main restrooms on the lower level are now complete. These restrooms now have almost 4x (4x!) the capacity that they had last year, hopefully eliminating the wait that you experienced last year. The Aragon has also added brand new restrooms on the balcony level, providing quick and easy restroom access to our VIP guests without all those stairs. All restrooms throughout the venue will continue to be gender neutral.

Second, we understand that while our guests love being down on the dance floor for most of the night, it is nice for everyone to have a chance to step out, take a quick breath, cool down a bit, and snap a few pics. With this in mind, we have now dedicated a portion of the balcony for our General Admission guests. This space will have seating, tables and a dedicated bar. We want everyone able to rest and recharge as needed so that they can enjoy the entire night! Not to mention, the upstairs views of Chicago’s largest gay dance events aren’t bad either!

Finally, we’ve learned a few things about how to quickly, safely, and efficiently move nearly 5,000 of you inside to join us for the evening, and waiting in line shouldn’t be an issue. The Aragon has added an entire new dedicated entrance for our VIP guests, which opens the main venue entrance for our General Admission guests. We will have clearer instructions for guests both before and as you arrive at the venue, and more staff available to help you make your way inside.

The CircuitMOM Productions Team is beyond excited to invite you all to celebrate Market Days 2019 with us, and we cannot wait for you to be a part of the amazing experience that we’ve been planning all year. You spoke, and we promise…we will deliver.

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