Edwin Martinez, aka CircuitSON, helping Mom get things accomplished

Dog walking, landscaper, floral designer, drag queen in training are all part of Martinez’s job description.

Edwin Martinez had just quit his healthcare job the week prior and CircuitMOM was assistant-less. CircuitMOM’s alter-ego, Matthew Harvat, explained all the things he did and Martinez replied that he didn’t know how to do any of them, but added that he’s a quick learner.

Harvat liked the vibe he got from Martinez.

Martinez liked the vibe he got from Harvat.

So Harvat gave Martinez a one-week trial …that was almost six years ago.

Martinez, 29, who lives in Uptown, is the event and production manager for E. Melone and CircuitMOM Productions – at least that’s what his business card says.

In reality, he is Harvat’s right-hand man, plus dog-walker, drag queen in training, landscaper, floral designer, cleaning lady, and probably a few more titles, too.

“What don’t we do? Sometimes we work on floral design for some of our residential clients. Other times we plan parties, such as Market Days or weddings. Maybe I fly to the Bahamas to help Microsoft with their employee appreciation events, or produce events for Urban Decay and then give-away cars. We also decorate Sidetrack and do all sorts of Christmas décor from the suburbs to the city,” said Martinez, fittingly known as CircuitSON.

“My job is, well, to do everything Matthew does.  I answer most questions with ‘we’ not ‘I’ because whether we are working on a floral design to a massive party, I’m always there to double, triple check everything. I’m the right-hand guy and back up.”

Martinez was born in Azusa, Calif., and his family moved to north suburban Mount Prospect when he was in elementary school. At age 19, he moved to Lakeview.

His work now includes managing dancers, social media updates and way too much more to list.

“I have so many (favorite CircuitMOM-related stories) that it’s overwhelming to think about,” Martinez said. “I think about the many times I have been put into costumes at the last-minute for some sort of production. Or the many times we travel with cars completely full of props or flowers, such that you can barely breathe. I remember one time when Bret Grafton was shooting CircuitMOM for (a magazine) cover, and the model (we were going to use) was fired. I was told to be the replacement. While we were shooting, Bret says to me, ‘Now do everything you’re doing now …without the fear in your eyes.’

“I still laugh now thinking about how much CircuitMOM, Bret and I laughed about it at the time. This was my like third week working with him.”

Martinez said CircuitMOM parties definitely are changing, more like, “evolving a little different than other circuit parties in general.”

“If you think about the stereotype or a lot of the other circuit parties around the world, you see the same type of gays represented – not only via their ads, but also their attendees. It’s the stereotypical muscle six-pack guy and usually white. We have been working really hard to make sure everyone and anyone feels comfortable (at CircuitMOM events); there is even a disclaimer at all of our events. It doesn’t matter what color, size, shape …you are welcome.

“The production that goes into the parties has also gotten bigger and better.”

Martinez added, “Circuit parties had a huge influence back in the day and then eventually they dropped off. Now, especially the past three or four years, they have come back at full force. So many different cities have circuit events now. With that, all I am going to say is that CircuitMOM events will basically be the Lolla of circuit parties one day.

“There’s glamour, lights, music, and the atmosphere is always so happy and upbeat. I sometimes look around and just stare in awe …I don’t think I’ve ever seen a party where people are not just genuinely dancing with happiness all over there face.”

On The Dance Floor With …Edwin Martinez

Favorite Drag Queen: “This is a trick question …obviously, CircuitMOM – have you ever heard the dance mixes she used to do? They are awesome!  But, if you mean favorite other than CircuitMOM, I would say The Vixen because I just love seeing her perform so much. I also laugh at everything Dixie Lynn Cartwright says.”

Favorite Chicago Bar: Violet Hour in Wicker Park.

Favorite App: “If you mean like app as in food, it’s chicken satay. If you mean app, as in on a phone, Tumblr.”

Favorite Chicago Restaurant: Fiesta Mexicana in Uptown

Favorite Musician or Musical Group: Pink would be my favorite musician; Fleetwood Mac is my favorite musical group.”

Favorite Movie: Spirited Away

Little-Known Fact: “MOM and I have never dated. I say this because everyone has asked me at some point or another, everyone. We are co-workers, best friends, and she is one of the greatest people I have ever met in my life.”

Now Dating:  “I am currently dating and his name is, Matt.  My friends know that when I say ‘Matt’ I mean my boyfriend and when I say ‘Matthew’ it’s my boss. So now anyone who reads this will know, too. This October, it will be 2 years since I started dating Matt and I would not change it for the world. He has definitely change my world.”

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